Learn to dance in the rain

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-Hiyaa :3 Learn to dance in the rain is the name of my blog. I'm Annie, simply as that. 18 years old. Taken by the best guy ever <3 Madly in love with him. Photographs make me smile, I truly love em. Professional dreamer. Love to party hard. Not giving a shit since '96. Straight. Lovin' to sing in the shower. I have a sissy, she lives in California. I'm costarican. Advertising student. Living far from home and missing everybody bc of college. I hate feeling lonely. I love tv shows. Every season of Skins is my favorite. Im really emotional and everybody can hurt me. I have an obsession with being skinny (please dont judge me). Im good at guessing and its easy for me to know when someones lying, so dont mess with me. Im a wallflower. I post about everything. Talk to me anytime!


so i figured since this is tumblr and we’re all opinionated as fuck, i might as well make my own personal extensive list of the hottest footballers for this summer


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My entire country just exploded!

Costa Rica beats Uruguay:Sorpresa puta
Costa Rica beats Italy:BOW DOWN BITCHES